Weekend Workshops
Saturdays: 2 - 5pm
8-16 year olds.
Sundays: 1.30 - 5.30pm
8-16 year olds.
The Joy of Greasepaint Anonymous is that we are a performance based Youth Theatre Company and are always in rehearsal for productions throughout the year.

Only 6 Vacancies available on the Sunday Workshop for boys aged 11 to 14 years!

Please call 07930 421 216


Easter and Summer Courses are held every year. Great Fun and Very Creative!

Bookings are now being taken for our Easter and Summer courses! - Please Call 07930 421 216 NOW for an application form!


Greasepaint Anonymous presents many Shows and performances and is proud of all that they achieve.

Come and be a part of a very stimulating Company.

Details of our 2016 Productions are available on request! 

Please call 07930 421 216

Nursery Greasepaint

A great introduction to the very young into the world of Theatre.

Now auditioning 5-6 year old Boys and Girls.

Please Call 07930 421 216


Rep Company

Our Rep Company is a great place for young Students preparing to go into full time Drama Courses and Universities. Also for Graduates and Professional Performers who want to air their talents in Shows and Performances.

New talented applicants are very welcome!

Please call: 
07930 421 216